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One Book, One College: 2015-16 Teaching Resources

The Reedley College One Book/One College project began in fall 2015 in efforts to encourage engagement and discussion amongst students, faculty, and staff. This guide provides information about previous and current titles.

Hunger of Memory

Teaching Resources for Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez

Learning Outcomes

Reedley College’s One Book/One College supports the following Institutional Learning Outcomes:

1.1 (Interpret various types of written, visual, and verbal information)

3.1 (Analyze the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences from cultural, historic, and aesthetic perspectives)

Lesson Plans and Other Activity Ideas

AUDIO PODCASTS about Hunger of Memory

Podcast: Miriam Manzo

Podcast: Diana Nunez

If you would like to record your own podcast influenced by Hunger of Memory, please contact Eileen Apperson-Williams at ext. 3223.


Reedley College’s One Book/One College responds to the following CCSSE questions to further engage student learning:

     Discussed ideas from your readings or classes with instructors outside of class

     Discussed ideas from your readings or classes with others outside of class

          (students, family members, co-workers, etc.)

     Number of books read on your own (not assigned) for personal enjoyment or academic enrichment

     Learning effectively on your own

     Understanding people of other racial and ethnic backgrounds



Topics for discussion from his book include:


     Social assimilation

     Cultural price of academic success

     Cultural and family alienation

     Public vs. private self

     Middle-class America

     Affirmative Action